Trendify Mini Power Backup UPS for Modems & Routers


Trendify Mini Power Backup UPS for Modems & Routers


Keep your WiFi routers, modems, and many other devices up during power outages with the Multiple Output Mini UPS. It provides hours of operation during power failure at a much lower price and size than a traditional UPS. It is designed to provide power to many kinds of DC powered equipment and is perfect for Loadshedding.

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  • Multiple output, compact, UPS with support for 5V USB, 9V DC, and 12V DC
  • All 3 x Outputs can be used simultaneously ( Max 18W total power)
  • Supplies back up power for all your modems, routers, cameras, VOIP systems, alarm systems and more
  • Perfect for Loadshedding
  • 5V USB output for mobile phones and other 5V devices.
  • Power input 220V AC cable supplied
  • Maximum total output power is 30W
  • Good quality, reliable, small UPS
  • Supplied with a  Y split cable for 2 x 9V or 2 x 12V DC devices and more

Back of unit

  • 15V or 24V selector switch for POE interface
  • 5V output port
  • 9V output port
  • 12V output port
  • AC port for 2 pin 220V charging cable

Front of unit

  • Power button
  • Battery indicator
  • 5V USB output for mobile phones


  • Model – Trendify (MU – 604 ) 18W
  • Batteries – 4 x Lithium 1950mAh
  • Capacity – Built in 7800mAH LiFePO4 Battery – Offers over 1000 cycles of battery life
  • Input – Unit comes with a 2 pin AC charging cable and has a max output of 30W.
  • Power Input connector – 2 pin AC charging cable
  • Output 5V –  5V x 2A – USB connector
  • Output 9V –  9V x 1A  – 5.5 * 2,5mm connector
  • Output 12V –  12V x 1A – 5.5 * 2.5mm connector
  • POE Interface – 15Vdcc/24Vdc
  • UPS Net Weight – 400g
  • Gross weight: – 425g (includes packing)
  • Short Circuit, Over Current, Overcharge, and Over Discharge Protections built-in
  • Size – 160*105*28 mm


Whats in the box? 

  • 1 x Multi-output power backup mini UPS unit
  • 1 x Y cable for support of 2 x 9V or 2 x 12V devices
  • 1 x shorter 9V/12V output cable with 5.5 * 2.5mm connector
  • Different connector sizes for various device input sizes
  • 1 x manual

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 2.8 cm


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